IDO European Tap Dance Championship 2007


Krasnoarmeisk (Moscow Region)



about European Tap Dance Championship 2007

Russia, Moscow, (Krasnoarmeysk)

September, 29-30, 2007.

Tap Dance Championship of Europe will gather not only the most talented step executors in Europe, the CIS and Russia, but it also gives opportunity to familiarize with national culture samples of different countries. Moscow will present indelible impressions from a meeting with the culture of the capital of Russia.


Founders and organizers:

International Dance organization (IDO)

The all-Russian dancing organization (ARDO)

Administration of Krasnoarmeysk

The Nikolay Karachentsov cultural fund

Moscow TAP DANCE Federation (MTDF)

At the support of:

The Ministry of Culture of Russia

The governor of the Moscow Region Gromov B.V.


I. The purposes and tasks

The main purpose of spending the Championship of Europe is to reveal the talented collectives working in a modern choreography style - Tap Dance, and selection of dancers for representation of Russia in the World championship. Also the important tasks of the Championship are: the exchange of experience between teachers and dancers of the different regions of Russia, Europe and the CIS countries, propaganda of a healthy life-style and full leisure among the population, to interest children, teenagers and youth in choreography, development of a Tap Dance discipline in the Krasnoarmeysk city.


II. Terms and place of spending.

September, 29-30, 2007

Russia, the Moscow Region - Krasnoarmeysk, Yangelya Street, h. 35.

Physical-improving Complex (PIC).


In Moscow: by the underground up to station VDNH, further by long-distance bus 317 up to

Krasnoarmeysk, Yangelya Street, h. 35.

From the Yaroslavl station - The electric train Moscow - Krasnoarmeysk ".

III. Conditions of the competitions of the Championship of Europe


Tap Dance Championship of Europe is spending according to rules ARDO and IDO.

In competitions can take part collectives from Russia, Europe and the countries of CIS

accredited by national division IDO (in Russia - ARDO.

Each country can submit the following number of applications:


Solo: 3 - 5

Duos / pairs: 3 - 5

Small groups: 2 - 3

Formation: 2 - 3


Children's collectives (under 12 years) must have no less than one accompanying for each 8 persons. The head is not accompanying.


IV. Disciplines and nominations


Discipline: the Tap Dance


- Solos female: Children, juniors, adults

- Solos male: Children, juniors, adults

- Duos / pairs

- Trio

- Small groups (4-7 persons)

- Formation (8-24 persons)

- Production (more than 24 persons).


The participant can participate in several nominations with obligatory (!) representation of the application for each nomination.

In each competitive category the participant can present only one number.


The note: the Irish step is not included into the program of the Championship of Europe.

V. Age groups of participants


Age of the dancer is defined by the birth year, when it drops out for one calendar year of competitions:


Children - 1996 y.o.b. (11 years) and younger

Juniors - 1992 - 1995 y.o.b (12-15 years)

Adults - 1991 y.o.b and older (16-49 years)

Seigneurs and senhoritas-1957 y.o.b. (50 years) and older.







The note:

) In small groups and formations only dancers of the previous age category will be allowed to take part, but no more than 50 % from group members or formation. The difference with the basic age mustn't exceed 2 years.

b) In duets, participation of the one of the dancers of the previous age provided, under condition, that in 2008 he'll pass into the given age category.

c) The participant of the senior age category is not allowed to participate in the younger age categories.

d) There are no age limits in the nomination "Production"


VI. Music Media

Music Media:

Only CD or MD.

You can use only your own music.

Attention: on one media - one track!

Music should be the first class quality and its loud should be enough to be heard by all dancers.

All medias should be signed:

- A surname of the executor;

- The name of the composition;

- The country

CD and MD - disks, should be transferred to the technical staff before the beginning of competitions or during a break.



- Ringing and double heeltaps;

- The personal devices strengthening a sound;

- Record of step impacts in music (in a soundtrack).


The Note:

- In order to prevent any doubts, "alive music" cannot be used in competition, it is connected with technical problems of using the musical instruments.

- During number it can be used no more than 30 seconds of step performance without music (a capella). " A capella " is not allowed in the beginning and at the end of the number.

- Big request to have the duplicates of your records!

VII. Duration of performance statement



Duration of performance statement:

Solo, duos, trio 1:45 minutes 2:15 minutes.

Small groups2:30 minutes 3:00 minutes.

Formation 2:30 minutes 4:00minutes.

Production5 minutes


- It is possible to perform the acrobatic tricks which are an integral part of performance, but they don't add points to the dancer. Points can be removed if these tricks are executed incorrectly by the technical point of view.

-Lip-Sink (pantomime) is not allowed in any form, however, personal interpretation of feelings and emotions is supposed.

- The stage-property is supposed if the dancer can bring it and remove for once. It is not supposed, that the attendants of a stage carried the stage-property for the dancer.

- Dancer cannot compete with himself (to participate twice in one nomination).


VIII. System of an estimation of performance (IDO)

Dancer's Performance is estimated on "3D" system:

- Method of execution

- A composition (choreography)

- An image

Each aspect is a combination of several criteria:

- Technique - accuracy of used technique; authenticity of dancing style; a level of complexity; a variety, originality; ability of dancers to execute the special and chosen dancing technique; quality; a rhythm; synchronism;

- A composition - a choice and a composition of movements, figures, variations; use of a dancing floor; technique on a floor; connections; a variety and originality in use of different circuits and patterns - lines, circles;

- An image - expression; presentation; ability to communicate with public; energy; force; a suit; an idea harmony and executed dance and its composition; the scenic essential element; a rhythm:


In each aspect judges estimate by the system from 1 up to 10 points where 1 is a minimum and the worst estimation, and 10 - a maximum and the best estimation.


If some participants have collected an identical maximum quantity of points, it will be the redancing for them.


All results are informed to participants and judges at once upon termination of round.

Final results and the final table of all participants are informed to the dancers and trainers at once upon competitions.

IX. Prizes


Cups, medals, diplomas.

Prizes from sponsors:

- To the best step dancer of Europe - the free-of-charge permit on the World championship 2007.

- Spectator sympathies.

- To the best head.

- To the most young participant.

- To the grown-up on age.

- For the best technique.

- To the most original virtuoso with acrobatic numbers.

- To the best collective.

- To comic number, and the head of this number.

 X. Enrolment


Preliminary registration of participants is available till September, 14, 2007.

On a site:

By fax: +7 (495)589-19-27


Information by phones: +79267434134



Charitable payment for participation:

For near and far abroad 15 euros,

For Russia and the CIS - 450 rubles.

For one age category.

Any dancer can participate in competition in all nominations (solo, a duos, a trio, small group, formation, seigneurs.), (or in one, if he or she is dancing, in solo for example), at lump sum payment should pay no more than specified sum).

Production - 2500 rubles for number.

All participants and 2 teachers (accompanying) from collective have a free admission to enter the competition. They receive the special permit which should be always "on a view" (badge). Parents (except for accompanying) are not allowed to present offstage.


XI. Transfer


By your pre-ordering it can be organized the meeting and delivery by buses from and to the airport and railway stations.

Tickets on a back way are got by the heads of collectives and soloists independently if they do not make the pre-ordering in organizing committee of the Championship of Krasnoarmeysk

Information by phone: +79036106221


XII. Residing and meal

e-mail -. Java-script XI

Hotel Itar-Tass: (photo...)

Double room luxury1140 rubles (from the person)

Double room half-luxury1060 rubles (from the person)

Single roomII category1030 rubles (from the person)

Double roomII category900 rubles (from the person)

Single roomI category 1020 rubles (from the person)

Double roomI category990 rubles (from the person)

3 local numberI category950 rubles (from the person)

Additional places in 3 local number 500 rubles (from the person)

+ 3 single meal

Additional places in luxury760 rubles (from the person)

+ 3 single meal


Cottages on 10 person900 rubles (from the person)


Breakfast 75 rubles (2,5 )

In a place of carrying out - complex dinners by the pre-ordering.

Cost 130 rubles (4 )

XIII. Entrance tickets

Entrance fee - 250 rubles on day time.

Entrance fee on a Gala concert - from 350 rubles up to the 600 rubles.

The stars of Russian platform will perform on a Gala-concert.


XIV. A photo and video shooting


The photo and video shooting and copyrights to shooting, and duplicating, according to the Law on the copyright, belongs to organizers of the Championship.

Private video shooting are paid: 300 rubles (10 ) for all day.

Photographing 200 rubles (7 ) for all day.

In a day of arrival in organizing committee (on September, 28 2007.) it is possible to issue the order for a photo - video shootings of performances.


XV. Insurance and the participant's doctor admission of actions ARDO and IDO


All participants of the Championship of Europe should be insured from accidents for days of spending the action. If it necessary, before competition there will be an opportunity to conclude the contract of insurance in a place, the cost of insurance for the one day of the one participant is 30 roubles.


Presence of the admission of the doctor to competitions and festivals is necessarily (!), without presence of the information inquiry from the doctor, the head of collective writes the receipt that he takes the responsibility for a physical condition and preparation of the participant on himself.


This rule is take place without fall since 10.01.2007


XVI. Visa support

Visa_form (.doc) ---_-_-_-_---Visa_form (.rtf)  

Those participants, who required the visa support, should sent their
passport data by fax +7-495-589-1927
On e-mail:
And we ask you to specify your contact elements (Fill the form-.doc) on which
it will be possible to send you the invitation and the additional

And we ask you to specify your contact elements (a fax, e-mail) on which it will be possible to send you the invitation and the additional information.


XVII. The preliminary schedule of the Championship of Europe



10:00 Check In - confirmations of participants, soundtracks

10:00 test of a floor - rehearsal

11:00 start of the competition - the beginning of the championship

Preliminary rounds (where they are not present - the finals)

Children solos female

Children solos male


Children Duos


Children Trios


Children small groups

Adults Solos female

Children formations



Preliminary rounds (where they are not present - the finals)

Juniors Solos female

Juniors Solos male

Juniors Duos

Juniors Trios


Official opening of the Step Championship of Europe

Official part,

(there can be finals of group numbers of children or juniors)

And an art part-

this is decided by the director of the action



10:00 Check In - confirmations of participants, soundtracks

10:00 test of a floor - rehearsal

11:00 start of the competition - the beginning of the championship

Juniors small groups

Juniors Formations

Adults Solo male

Adults Duos

Adults Trios

Adults Small Groups

Adults Formations


The finals and rewarding

Juniors and Children (those who will not be 29.09)


Gala concert of stars, the endings of adult all nominations

Adults all 6 categories Finals and Gala with Stars


Organizing committee of the European Tap Dance Championship

Information by phones:




XVIII. Excursions


Heads can prolong residing with the purpose to travel Moscow.

Applications till September, 15

Pre-ordering excursions move till September, 15

Excursions are spent in a free from competitions day.

Sergiev Posad - the Kremlin.

Ranges - "Geodesy", "Basalt"

Excursion by bas across Moscow, across Moscow - river on a boat.

Participants travel to Krasnoarmeysk and back for their own paid.

Moscow Tap Dance Federation 2007 MTDF